Human Resource Development

Discover, support and develop the potential of your employees

  • Trainings

    We offer several workshops and seminars:

    1. Communication
      • customer support communication training
      • behaviour in individual problematic situations
      • speech and non- verbal communication
    1. Conflict Management
      • prevention, analysis and effective intervention
    1. Project Management
      • tools
      • planning methods
      • communication in project management
    1. Leadership Development
      • tools and resources for your management career
    1. Transcultural Awareness
      • dealing with cultural diversity
    1. Company Health Management
    1. Train the Trainer
    1. We also offer our Trainings as Outdoor Educational Events
  • Coaching & Moderation

    The chance to handle challenging situations in an individual and effective way.

    1. Systemic Coaching
    1. Conflict Mediation
    1. Moderation of Team Events
    1. Outplacement
  • Diagnosis

    Solid support for important decisions and recruitment processes

    1. Competency Model Development
      • a basic concept for future recruitment
    1. Recruitment Support
      • selection of applicants
    1. Potential Analysis for Employees
      • create perspectives and harness opportunities
    1. Assessment Center
  • Strategic Consultancy

    We are looking forward to create a Human Resource Development- perspective together

    1. Strategic HRD
    1. Company Health Management